Welcome to Liverpool Kodály School, The Generations’ Music School

was founded by Zsuzsa Kata Horváth.
The Music School offers music teaching
for pupils and teachers
from bumps to 99+ years
vocal and instrumental
individual and group
theory linked with practice and practice linked with theory
in English and in Hungarian
with Zoltán Kodály’s music education principles.


If you are a professional working in children’s general and/or music education, visit the page on the essential 2-day course here.

If you are a health professional, find information on

If you a musician/ teacher who has completed their basic 2-day training , here you will find information on more in depth music teaching courses.


If you a parent with children/ a pupil from the Liverpool area, find information on

If you are from a Care Home, email lks@zskhorvathorg to request more information on

  • booking a specialist teacher who could lead community singing sessions,
  • liaising with music teachers to arrange free concerts for your residents on a recurrent basis,
  • hosting inter-generational singing groups, involving elderly, young children and carers.


The Music School’s ethos is ‘Let Music Belong to Everyone’ with the wish that this phrase becomes reality, not just a citation by the enlightened Hungarian composer, ethnomusicologist, scholar and music educator, Zoltán Kodály.

Recent observations undertaken by Government Inspectors in Feversham Primary School, Bradford, UK  highlighted that  music teaching with Kodály principles was the catalyst that changed their school from inadequate to be in the top 10% of schools in England when it comes to progressing children’s learning in core subjects like Maths and English (their attendance also raised from 92 to 98%).  Head Teacher Naveed Idrees states “The jobs of the future are those that require a human touch and creativity”; therefore “Arts, Music and Humanity, and especially Music is the bedrock of education success.”

Founder Teacher of Liverpool Kodály School  Zsuzsa Kata Horváth discovered what Kodály musicianship teachers have always known in their hearts, but struggled to pronounce  in this wider context:
“Kodály musicianship teaching is a bit like smelling cinnamon or like tasting chocolate; without smelling cinnamon or tasting chocolate how else would you understand what it is like? It is so practical that understanding its basics requires attendance and active participation in the introductory Kodály training course. Kodály musicianship teaching has the same importance in our education as Life Support Courses, since one teaches us how to save our body and the other how to save our soul, therefore giving us a perspective on what to live for. And we learn both skills through practicing, supported with background reading. 

The key to our trainees/ pupils’ success is that we do not just train instrumentalists/ teachers who can teach music, instead we train MUSICIANS with

  1. a well-trained ear,
  2. a well-trained intelligence,
  3. a well-trained heart, and
  4. a well-trained hand,

who all understand the purpose of music teaching in our lives and contribute to make our world better, cleaner and happier.

 “Music does not lie. If there is something to be changed in this world,
then it can only happen through music.” by Jimi Hendrix


For further information please contact us  or email your query to the office: lks@zskhorvath.org






a special gift is to be rewarded to those who can email the office with the correct result of our KODÁLY METHODOLOGY QUIZ:
What are the blue birds on the picture singing and what else can you list on the picture?

How can you use what the images refer to for children’s music  teaching?