Try Our Superb Teacher Training Courses at Liverpool Kodály School!

If you are a professional working in children’s general and/or music education, visit the page on the essential 2-day course here.

If you are a musician/ teacher who completed their initial 2-day training, contact our office at for further details on the following subsequent training opportunities:

  • Kodály musicianship/ solfége
  • Kodály methodology (how to teach select teaching material, organise lesson plans for relevant age group with given ability/abilities)?
  • Covering more teaching material for a specific age-group with a specific ability? Tick if appropriate:
    • Nursery and reception
    • KS1 starter
    • KS1 who had on-going Kodaly lessons
    • KS2 starter
    • KS2 who had on-going Kodaly lessons
  • The use of instruments in Kodály teaching, for specific age groups and abilities
  • Incorporating elements of high quality music teaching into your instrumental teaching practice
  • Leading singing groups for bumps to 3-year-olds and carers
  • Leading singing games groups for 9 to 99 years
  • Involving parents, little siblings and other adult members in the family/ in the local community to perform in cross-generational projects with school children

Most of these training courses run through a longer period. Please indicate whether you are interested in block training / training organised weekly in mornings, afternoons or evenings / training organised on weekend training days.

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