Solfége lessons

Sarah Ann Glover, the Norwich Music Teacher/ Choir mistress who invented the use of relative solfa and published her Method in 1845: A Manual of the Norwich Sol-fa System: For Teaching Singing in Schools and Classes, Or, a Scheme for Rendering Psalmody Congregational. Jarrold & Sons  

Solfége is the art of mastering musical literacy and musical analysis at a high level which enables pupils to interpret the musical message of a composer, and prepare for an informed performance of a musical piece they are playing/ singing. With previous musicianship classes, continued with solfége classes, one will be able to develop the first 3 of the 4 features of a good musician:

  1. a well-trained ear,
  2. a well-trained intelligence,
  3. a well-trained heart, and
  4. a well-trained hand.

whereas the last feature can develop with instrumental/ vocal lessons and practice. On solfége lessons on learns to

  • sight-sing and notate music instantly, both with relative solfa names and with absolute pitch names, and to switch between the absolute and relative pitch names rapidly,
  • develop a deeper understanding about scales, intervals, chords, different rhythmical patterns and rhythm reading, phrasing, dynamics, timbres and tempi,
  • develop a deep understanding about musical analysis,

and with these skills one will be able to prepare for a well-informed, expressive performance. Solfége lessons are open as

  • group teaching: £7 for 45 minutes / person (for minimum 8 participants)
  • one to one teaching: £14 for 30 minutes / £20/ 45 minutes/ £26 for 60 minutes

Please email your request to the office at

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