After School Musicianship Classes

After School Musicianship classes which could also run as morning sessions for home educated children are based on a progressive music curriculum with singing, movements and instruments, taught with Zoltán Kodály’s music education guidelines. In the sessions children learn music through participating in an imaginary musical journey where they are playing musical games, singing songs and using whole body movements. Singing is the best way to develop the inner ear and musical ability, and the movements will help them to learn about and practice all kinds of musical concepts semi-consciously and consciously. Though most activities are singing-based, children are exposed to musical instruments early on, initially through instrumental demonstrations by the teacher and later by actively engaging in instrumental playing. 

Ullet Road Singing groups for 3to5yrs & carers



Please note we run a “Try With Confidence” system when you first start which means that if you wish to withdraw after attending three times, we guarantee to refund all your money.

An alternative way for children to learn these skills would be to have a music teacher who is trained to deliver a progressive music curriculum in their primary school. This would be the preferred option for children who are educated in a school, not just because of their musical development, but also because
 “The jobs of the future are those that require a human touch and creativity”; therefore “Arts, Music, Drama and Humanity, and especially Music is the bedrock of education success”  because “Music gives a soul to education.”   stated by Feversham Primary School (Bradford) Head Teacher, Naveed Idrees; his statement was proved by HMI Inspectors:

If every child had Kodály musicianship teaching in their primary school, after school music sessions could be focused on preparing pupils to achieve a high level of musicianship, giving them the option to enter a career in music in the future.

Classes will start on request, by completing the provisional registration form and emailing it to the office: . The price for these groups will range between £5 and £7.50 pounds/ pupil/ session, depending on location and length of session.

15 applicants are needed in each year group to get started and we commit to your children throughout the academic year and beyond. Primarily we expect children from the following age groups:

  • Children aged 4 years with carers on 1st September 2018,
  • Children aged 5 years on 1st September 2018;

however it is possible to start groups for any age group between 4 and 99+ years.



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